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Groundwater overview – Making the invisible visible, new UN Report

Globally, invisible groundwater resources are under increasing pressure due to human activities and climate change. Our response to this pressure is often not adequate, also due to limited awareness of the importance of groundwater resources. This Groundwater Overview is prepared by IGRAC (International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre) in cooperation with…

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Groundwater for irrigation in LAO PDR

New Policy Brief: Groundwater for Irrigation in Lao PDR

The International Water Management Institute, in collaboration with partners from Lao PDR, Thailand and Japan have been working to assess the groundwater resources; identify existing groundwater use in agriculture; develop and test new community-managed groundwater irrigation schemes; and establish the potential for expanded use of groundwater. This, in turn, serves…

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The International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) have produced a very informative and topical Strategic Overview Series of how groundwater interacts with multiple sectors and issues that we need to account for in integrated groundwater management (sustainable development goals, global change, health, ecosystems, cities, food security, and energy).

The Groundwater Management Advisory Team (GW-MATE) under the World Bank (2000-2010) provided an original and very valuable contribution to the understanding of groundwater and its improved management. See here for their knowledge products.

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