Environmental Services

  • Goals: Increased environmental flows, protected biodiversity, increased water supply, increased aesthetic value.
  • Solutions: MAR and ASR, natural recharge and discharge protection.
  • Green infrastructure: Protecting springs, protecting pressure of artesian aquifers, protecting natural recharge and discharge areas.
  • Grey infrastructure: Water/runoff retention/infiltration basins, in-channel mechanisms, irrigation canals, recharge wells, capping freely flowing artesian wells.
  • Policy interventions: Reserve/environmental flow requirements, (ground)water quality standards, recipient environmental quality standards, land use regulations, managing groundwater use/entitlements, regulation of recharge/discharge.


Case Studies

Nature-based integrated watershed management solutions

Building resilience to climate change in rural India





Sustainable management of groundwater-based natural infrastructure of the Great Artesian Basin in Australia

Ensuring long-term services from a mega aquifer system under pressure







California’s progressive subsurface water storage approach

Cost-effective and intelligent ways of storing and managing water underground for multiple purposes – including for birds

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