Water Storage

  • Goals: Increased water security, restoring depleted aquifers, counteract subsidence, counteract coastal saline intrusion, increased water supply.
  • Solutions: Managed aquifer recharge (MAR), aquifer storage and recovery (ASR).
  • Green infrastructure: Natural infiltration, revegetation, conservation agriculture.
  • Grey infrastructure: Water retention/infiltration basins, runoff harvesting, in-channel mechanisms, recharge wells, riverbank filtration.
  • Policy interventions: MAR policies, protection of recharge zones, managing groundwater discharge, land use regulations, managing groundwater use/entitlements, groundwater markets/payments for ecosystem services (PES).


Case Studies

Strategic water reserve for emergency water supply in Abu DhabiStrategic water reserve for emergency water supply in Abu Dhabi

Securing large-scale water supply in arid regions using innovative aquifer storage and recovery

MARVI – Managing aquifer recharge and sustaining groundwater use through village-level interventions in India

Supporting villagers in informed and participatory decision making around groundwater use and storage

The Alcazarén-Pedrajas MAR scheme – an integrated managed aquifer recharge system in central Spain

A MAR system with several sources of water and multiple benefits

Managed aquifer recharge in Nebraska

Using flood river flows to recharge groundwater for irrigation and to enhance aquatic habitats





Incentivizing groundwater recharge through payment for ecosystem services (PES)

Success factors of an offsetting scheme in Kumamoto, Japan



Ensuring resilience through community sand dams in Kenya 

A groundwater-based natural storage solution to make more water available for drinking and irrigation

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