Dr. Kerstin Danert (Skat Foundation) awarded the 2017 IAH Distinguished Associate Award

Dr. Kerstin Danert, recipient of the 2017 IAH Distinguished Associate Award

Dr. Kerstin Danert of the Skat Foundation, a GRIPP partner, was recently given the 2017 International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) Distinguished Associate Award. The award was granted for her outstanding contribution to the understanding, development, management and protection of groundwater resources internationally. Profiled this month in the International Association of Hydrogeologists, she has been praised for leading many thematic and in-country studies, and for publishing numerous manuals and films for practitioners and professionals. She has demonstrated considerable expertise in improving water supplies in rural areas and has raised awareness of the opportunities and challenges associated with manual drilling for domestic water supplies. Dr. Danert has years of experience working in Africa, and has helped build professional drilling capacity in over 15 countries.

As noted by her team at Skat Consulting, Kerstin is particularly talented at “bringing good groundwater resources management and development much closer to non-hydrogeologists… those in government and the private sector.” Alongside IAH and Skat, GRIPP wishes to express its appreciation for Dr. Danert’s important contributions to groundwater management and research worldwide, and to congratulate her for receiving the Distinguished Associate Award at the IAH General Assembly Award Ceremony this year.

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