Book on ‘Advances in Groundwater Governance’ disseminated in Rwanda

The Ambassador of the Netherlands in Rwanda, Mrs. Frédérique de Man (middle), hands on behalf of IGRAC hardcopies of ‘Advances in Groundwater Governance’ to the Representative of the Minister of Environment, the DG of Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority (RWFA), Mr. Prime Ngabonziza (left) and the Acting Principal of the University of Rwanda, the Dean of School of Mining and Geology, Dr. Digne Rwabuhungu (right)

The handing over of ‘Advances in Groundwater Governance’ book took place during the opening of the third annual IWRM-conference held in Rwanda on 20th of March 2018 at the occasion of the Water and Forest Week (18-23 March). In her speech, the Ambassador highlighted the importance of good water governance by participatory approaches and gave home-grown examples of the Netherlands’ integrated Nature for Water concepts in management of groundwater and surface water.

The Acting Principal of University of Rwanda recalled the importance of the cooperation between Dutch scientific and other institutions as proven by the high number of alumni of IHE, TUD and others attending the conference. For his institution, he underlined the importance of good groundwater knowledge. He is anxiously waiting for the free copies of this important publication for his students.

The DG RWFA emphasized the important role of groundwater management in Rwanda, especially in the Eastern Province. RWFA via its Water for Growth Program thanked the University of Rwanda and the Government of Rwanda for the continuous support to Capacity Building of RWFA and other institutions in the water sector via Water for Growth Rwanda and other projects.

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