Groundwater Governance Seminar and book promotion in Spain

The Observatorio del Agua of the Botin Foundation organised a seminar entitled Seminario sobre los Desafíos de la Gestión y Gobernanza de las Aguas Subterráneas y Presentación del Libro “Advances in Groundwater Governance (Seminar on the Challenges of Groundwater Management and Governance, and Presentation of the book “Advances in Groundwater Governance”) on June 11 2018 at its premises in Madrid.

Emilio Custodio presenting on groundwater challenges, with focus on Spain 

The main purpose of the seminar was the presentation and promotion of the recently published book among Spanish water professionals. During the first part of the meeting, aspects and challenges of groundwater management and governance in Spain were outlined and discussed by three speakers: Emilio Custodio (Technical University of Catalonia), Bartolomé Andreo (University of Malaga) and Mónica Sastre (Ariño and Villar Lawyers). After this, followed a dialogue between Elena López-Gunn (Icatalist, Madrid) and Jac van der Gun (Dutch consultant, previously with IGRAC), both co-Editors of the book, with the aim to give the audience a clear impression of the book’s scope and contents, and to highlight what they consider to be its most interesting features.

Dialogue between Elena López-Gunn and Jac van der Gun on groundwater governance and the book

The seminar was rounded up by Ramón Llamas, former director of the Observatorio del Agua, who presented his reflections on groundwater management and governance, and on the value of the presented book. Initiator and chair of the seminar was Alberto Garrido (Technical University of Madrid and Director of the Observatorio del Agua), also member of the book’s team of editors. Judging on the reactions of the attendants, speakers and the organiser, it was a successful event achieving its goals.

More information on the book is available here.

Alberto Garrido giving further insights from the volume


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