ICE WaRM – GRIPP – NCGRT Webinar Series on: Groundwater for Sustainable Development

The International Centre for Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM), the Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice (GRIPP), and the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) in Australia are pleased to announce the new webinar series on “Groundwater for Sustainable Development.”

Groundwater, as the largest store of unfrozen freshwater, supplies one-third of the global population with drinking water and up to half of the world’s irrigation water, and plays an important role in the delivery of other sustainable development goals, such as poverty reduction, economic growth, food security, human health, and adaptation to climate change. The foundations of these benefits consist of groundwater’s critical role in underpinning a vast set of ecosystem services on which nature and people depend. Yet, groundwater, because it is often out of sight and out of mind, may be neglected when water supply and investment decisions are made. People and the environment increasingly suffer when groundwater resources fail, e.g. from depletion or degradation. GRIPP, ICE WaRM, and NCGRT are joining forces to deliver a series of webinars that provide a broad overview of groundwater for sustainable development at the global and national scales. The series will also present innovative groundwater solutions that have potential for wider uptake.

The groundwater webinar series, which is free, builds on the strong knowledge, experience and partnership of the GRIPP network and the NCGRT, and the well-established webinar delivery platform and audience network of ICE WaRM. In 2018, the series will include an introduction to the global significance of groundwater for sustainable development, the role and activities of GRIPP in promoting sustainable groundwater management, groundwater governance in the Middle East and Northern Africa, governance of transboundary aquifers, and groundwater innovations, such as aquifer contracts in Morocco and smart card machines for controlling groundwater use in China. This series will likely be extended in 2019 and beyond. The groundwater webinar program for 2018 is given here.

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