Upcoming Chapman conference “Quest for Sustainability of Heavily Stressed Aquifers at Regional to Global Scales”

Many of the world’s major aquifers are under severe stress as a result of deficits created by large imbalances between inflows and outflows. These deficits have led to widespread depletion and, in some areas, degradation of groundwater resources, which is of particular concern in areas where alternative water supplies are limited. As a result, the question of what the future holds for these heavily stressed aquifers and the populations dependent on them is being asked with increasing urgency worldwide. This Chapman conference on Oct 21-24, 2019 in Valencia, Spain will draw together the community of researchers interested in the general topic of sustainability of heavily stressed aquifers. The goal is to assemble a diverse group of participants from the hydrology, policy, economics, and social science communities.

Please, note that abstracts are due soon (July 10, 2019). We have a range of prestigious invited speakers that will provide diverse perspectives on groundwater sustainability. Named in honor of Sydney Chapman, a mathematician and physicist recognized for his research in geophysics, the AGU Chapman Conference program has encouraged innovative research for more than four decades. AGU Chapman conferences are small, topical meetings designed to permit in-depth exploration of specialized subjects in a manner not possible at large meetings.

Please pencil this conference dates into your calendar and submit an abstract here (due July 10). We intend for this to be a rare opportunity where many of the leading experts on groundwater sustainability will gather with a shared intention to share, discuss and debate scientific advances and encourage a pivot towards groundwater sustainability.

The organizers have limited travel grants from the National Science Foundation for attendants. Priority will be given to US-based students and early career researchers (pre-tenure faculty and postdoctoral fellows).

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