New publication: Karst water environment: Advances in research, management and policy

Karst aquifers are important sources of water for multiple purposes worldwide. However, these aquifers are also generally complex and heterogeneous systems, with a high degree of vulnerability towards pollution and geotechnical instability. This recent volume – Karst water environment: Advances in research, management and policy – edited by Tamim Younos, Madeline Schreiber and Katarina Kosič Ficco, and published by Springer, presents a discussion of the current state of knowledge on karst science, advances in karst mapping and karst aquifer monitoring technologies, case studies of karst aquifer assessment, and regulatory perspectives on land use and water management in karst environments. It offers valuable reference material for researchers involved in karst science and environmental studies, and is also a guide for experts in government agencies, scientists, engineers and other professionals involved in karst aquifer protection and the design of land and water management systems in karst areas around the globe.

For a free preview, table of contents and purchase information, please visit the Springer website.

Citation: Younos, T.; Schreiber, M.; Kosič Ficco, K. Eds. 2019. Karst water environment: Advances in research, management and policy. Springer International Publishing. 274p.

eBook:                 ISBN 978-3-319-77368-1

Hard cover:         ISBN 978-3-319-77367-4

Soft cover:           ISBN 978-3-030-08440-0

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