GRIPP groundwater infographic in Burmese

The Infographic in Burmese.


The popular infographic on groundwater indicating the timeline of historical development of the resource since human ancestry has now been published in Burmese. The demand for a translation of the English version was expressed by the Myanmar Water Portal through The Water Agency. Groundwater is not well understood around the world, and for a layman without English skills, in particular, opportunities for learning basic facts about the resource are limited. This also applies to Myanmar, where groundwater is increasingly being developed for supporting socioeconomic welfare. As one of its mandates, the Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice (GRIPP) aims to raise the necessary awareness on groundwater, globally, to highlight the critical role played by the resource in ensuring water and food security and climate resilience in many parts of the world. We would, therefore, like to express our appreciation to our Burmese collaborators for taking up the effort of translating and supporting the reproduction of the infographic together with GRIPP partners. The Myanmar Water Portal is actively working toward increasing the knowledge on groundwater in Myanmar, which was also evident from a recent comprehensive presentation.

“We (Myanmar Water Portal Translation Community) are willing to study the knowledge related to groundwater by learning and by doing. In this case, translating the insightful document helped us to understand the history of groundwater and how important the resource will be in the future,” said Kyaw Nyunt Linn, Communications Manager, The Water Agency. “I hope our translation will be helpful to the public and increase awareness of the cruciality of groundwater in Myanmar, in particular.”

It is clear that the infographic has potential to raise awareness as well as the voice for better protection and utilization of this precious resource. If there is further interest in translating the infographic to other languages, please contact GRIPP.


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