AWDROP Conference: 4th National Borehole Practitioners Conference and Congress

The Association of Water Well Drilling Rig Owners and Practitioners (AWDROP), a partner in the Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice (GRIPP), is the leading organization for people affiliated with the groundwater industry in Nigeria. The people and entities associated with AWDROP include water well rig owners, drillers, scientists (geophysicists, hydrogeologists), contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, pump installers, drilling rig engineers, managers of groundwater resources, etc. The vision of AWDROP is to be a leading water well (borehole) association in Nigeria that advocates for the responsible development, management and provision of potable water. The goals of AWDROP are as follows:

  • Enhance the progress of the borehole drilling business and support its members.
  • Promote understanding, welfare and friendly relationship between members of the association.
  • Forestall all forms of unprofessional practices in the borehole drilling industry.
  • Work in collaboration with the government in the provision of potable water to the population.
  • Enhance the sustainability of borehole projects in Nigeria.

The National Borehole Practitioners Conference and Congress is an annual event organized by AWDROP. This event brings together stakeholders in the water well drilling sector with the main aim of updating members and practitioners on the latest developments and innovations in the sector. Policy and regulatory issues are also discussed, while the latest technologies in drilling and geophysical equipment are displayed.

The 4th National Borehole Practitioners Conference and Congress (“Oyo 2021”) will be held on September 12–15, 2021, at the Ilaji Hotel and Sports Resort, Ibadan, Nigeria. This year’s conference will focus on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and infectious diseases (Covid-19 and cholera). The keynote speaker at the conference will be Dr. Biodun S. Badmus, Professor of Applied Geophysics, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. Other honorable speakers will include Dr. Ronald A. Isibor, Professor of Geology, Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Nigeria, and Dr. Ipoola Okuniola, Professor of Geology, Alhikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria. The host at the event will be Micheal Ale, National President, AWDROP.

Amidst Covid-19, cholera is resurging in Nigeria, primarily among the poor. Micheal Ale is initiating a call to action to address these issues in a video in the run up to this conference.

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Mr. Micheal Ale, National President, AWDROP, discusses the background of cholera incidence and links to WASH in Nigeria and advocates for action.

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