Animated groundwater model of Jordan

The groundwater model of Jordan shows the different aquifers of the country virtually (source: BGR). Jordan is one of the most arid countries in the world, with far less than 100 m3 of water available per capita per year, which is about one-fifth of the measure of absolute water scarcity.…

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The Africa Groundwater Atlas launches digital hydrogeology maps for 38 countries in Africa at the 46th IAH Congress in Malaga, Spain

Country-scale hydrogeology maps currently available to download from the Africa Groundwater Atlas, showing a combination of aquifer types and aquifer productivity (source: Africa Groundwater Atlas/British Geological Survey).

The online, open access Africa Groundwater Atlas was launched in 2016. Bringing together information from multiple sources, it provides an overview of hydrogeology, groundwater resources, and its management for each country in Africa. Furthermore, it includes supporting general information relevant to the African context, for example, on climate, groundwater quality,…

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