Urban groundwater focus: IWA Groundwater Management Specialist Group now on board

The International Water Association (IWA) has for many years been bringing together diverse water professionals to share knowledge and experience about pressing water challenges and innovative solutions. One of the key platforms that IWA has created are its “specialist groups,” where members can gain professional and leadership opportunities. The IWA Groundwater Management Specialist Group focuses on the critical role of groundwater in public water supply, primarily relevant for urban and peri-urban areas.

In many parts of the world, groundwater has been relegated to private water supply, but as the demand for water increases and utilities come under pressure to meet increasing demand, groundwater is increasingly being developed and used as an important water source, not only for private water supply but for public water supply by utilities as well.

The IWA Groundwater Management Specialist Group has recently published an article in the IWA Source Magazine, titled “Urban Groundwater — Mobilising Stakeholders to Improve Monitoring,” by Stephen Foster, Radu Gogu and Julia Gathu. To find out more about what the IWA Groundwater Management Specialist Group is doing and other relevant literature linked to groundwater and cities, please refer to their April 2019 newsletter here.

For another recent reference on urban groundwater, consult the following paper published in IWA-Water Policy 2018: “Urban Groundwater Use in Tropical Africa – a key factor in enhancing water security,” by Stephen Foster, Anne Bousquet and Sean Furey.

The IWA Groundwater Specialist Group is currently chaired by Dr. Stephen Foster, a past president of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH).

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