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Throughout the engagement of the Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice (GRIPP) with partners and activities around the world, we encounter limitations of capacity when it comes to managing groundwater. Acknowledging the ‘silent revolution’ possible through groundwater development by a multitude of often non-coordinated users and beneficiaries on the one hand, and the gradual and slow onset character of groundwater issues, whether around over-exploitation or quality degradation on the other hand, we are faced with large challenges. These challenges relate to the hydrogeological characteristics of the subsurface as well as to the socioeconomic and policy, institutional and legal aspects that drive and govern interactions with groundwater and, ultimately, sustainability of the resource. It is clear that as populations grow and climate changes, these aspects become the more intractable, calling for multifarious knowledge sets at various levels that can tackle issues in an integrated and stakeholder-driven manner.

The mission of The Groundwater Project, a nonprofit organization, is to contribute to the advancement of groundwater education broadly, by providing accessible, engaging, high-quality, educational materials, free-of-charge online in many languages, supporting all who want to learn about groundwater and understand how groundwater relates to and sustains ecological systems and humanity. Its current efforts focus on producing and disseminating rigorously peer-reviewed books on more fundamental aspects of the resource. The Groundwater Project is led by Dr. John Cherry, recipient of the 2020 Stockholm Water Prize, and managed by an international Steering Committee and a globally diverse Advisory Committee, including GRIPP partners.

Initiated in 2017, The Groundwater Project continues to make good progress based on quantitative measures, with a stocktaking at the end of 2020 indicating the publication of ten books, more than 25,000 book downloads, 3,700 user registrations, and more to come.

GRIPP is very pleased to join forces with The Groundwater Project and look forward to jointly supporting the endeavors and multiple pathways to enhance capacity for sustainable groundwater benefits for all going forward.


The following ten books have been published online:

Conceptual and Visual Understanding of Hydraulic Head and Groundwater Flow
Cohen, A.J.B.; Cherry, J.A. 2020.

Geologic Frameworks for Groundwater Flow Models
Brandenburg, J.P. 2020.

Graphical Construction of Groundwater Flow Nets
Poeter, E.P.; Hsieh, P. 2020.

Groundwater in Our Water Cycle
Poeter, E.P.; Fan, Y.; Cherry, J.C.; Wood, W.W.; Mackay, W.W. 2020.

Groundwater Resource Development
Konikow, L.F.; Bredehoeft, J.D. 2020.

Groundwater Storage in Confined Aquifers
Wang, H.F. 2020.

Groundwater-Surface Water Exchange
Woessner, W.W. 2020.

Groundwater Velocity
Devlin, J.F. 2020.

Hydrogeologic Properties of Earth Materials and Principles of Groundwater Flow
Poeter, E.P.; Woessner, W.W. 2020.

Introduction to Isotopes and Environmental Tracers as Indicators of Groundwater Flow
Cook, P. 2020.


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