Call for nominations for Water Underground Talks Season 2

Water Underground Talks is an initiative by the University of Victoria, Canada, partners of the Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice (GRIPP), and other partners. This platform provides the opportunity to share and elevate diverse voices and perspectives on groundwater through video interviews. In Season 1 of the Water Underground Talks, 11 hydrogeologists and groundwater experts in different positions, from teaching to research to practitioners, from around the world shared their passion and exciting work on the connections between groundwater, climate, environment, food and people.

Season 2 will build on the success of Season 1 by releasing more videos with compelling groundwater stories from researchers and professionals in the field. The theme for Season 2 will be the relationship between groundwater, culture, indigenous people, climate justice, and sustainable development. We specifically seek nominees from underrepresented regions and topics not often discussed in relation to groundwater such as migration, conflict and indigenous rights. Videos will be released throughout 2022 to coincide with other international events related to groundwater such as World Water Day 2022.

Please submit a nomination by January 25, 2022 via this form.


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