GDE Pulse: A new online app to monitor changes in groundwater-dependent ecosystem health using satellite, rainfall and groundwater data

The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a partner in the Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice (GRIPP) and one of the largest non-profit conservation organizations in the world operating in 72 countries, has developed a new web-based app that provides groundwater managers in California, USA, with easy access to satellite data…

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Controlling groundwater through smart card machines: the case of water quotas and pricing mechanisms in Gansu Province, China

GRIPP Case Profile Series – Issue 2 Abstract The second issue of the GRIPP Case Profile Series documents the use of water quotas and pricing mechanisms in Northwest China to control and manage groundwater. Since the 1970s, this region has experienced intensive groundwater abstraction by smallholder farmers. In 2002, however,…

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Aquifer contracts: A means to solving groundwater over-exploitation in Morocco?

GRIPP Case Profile Series – Issue 1 Abstract The Moroccan government has used aquifer contracts as a management tool to control groundwater depletion. The first aquifer contract was signed in 2006 for the Souss region as a technical and financial non-binding contract between stakeholders and the government. The contract contemplated…

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